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4 cool gadgets under 500 rupees on amazon


4 cool gadgets under 500 rupees on amazon

Amazon is one of the best E-Commerce website on the internet today.Almost more than half of the population buy everything from amazon.Amazon provides the best of the best in minimum amount.So that we are going to tell you about the 4 cool gadgets under 500 rupees on amazon.Without any further delay lets get started.

4 cool gadgets under 500 rupees on amazon

1 hd imageCaptcha® W200 Sports MP3 Player

On the number 1 place in our list of 4 cool gadgets under 50 rupees on amazon is the entertainment gadget.

4 cool gadgets under 500 on amazon

This wireless Mp3 player comes with two earbuds .The overall design is very classy and attractive.The Mp3 player have 3 button for play pause and next song.The LED indicator indicates that the player is working.In ear-buds reduces the ambient noise present in the environment and enhances the sound quality.

The built quality is very nice and flexible .It allows the user to use this player for a long time without any pain.\

The sound quality is just amazing.It provides the sound quality like a Professional high quality expensive headset.

Check out it on the official website of amazon.



This is not basically a sticker it is sticker cum mobile.Sometimes it is very difficult to hold a mobile phone say for example when you are driving a car or during brushing your teeth.

4 cool gadget son amazon

Anti Gravity Nano suction sticker is a mobile stand which hold your device on the sticky as well as non sticky surface .The Anti gravity sticker have microscopic suction cups which help it to hold your device on almost every surface.

The sticker comes with beautifull design which make it look cool.That why  it is one the number 2 in our list of 4 cool gadgets under 500 rupees on amazon

antu gravity sticker

It help you to watch full moviw without any pain in you hand while holding your phone.The sticker just stickes at the back of your phone and ready for magic.

3 hd imageDrumstone Mini S530 Stereo Bluetooth 4.1 Headset Earphone 

earbuds under 500

These are not the normal earbuds these are the wireless earbuds with featurestic technology.The wireless  need 20 to 25 min for charging .

The sound quality is amazing and comes with noise supperession.

The ear buds have built in mic for calling purposes.The battery life is about 4 to 5 hours which is amazing in this price range.

4 cool gadgets under 500 rupees on amazon

The bluetooth make the connection with smartphone easy.You can also connect 2 phones at the same time.

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