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How to find my ip address

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How to find my ip address

Hey techwinqers welcome back on the another article about How to find my ip address.

When you are using internet on any device wheather it is mobile or desktop or laptop or your smart watch .It may be anything , then you assigned with an address on the network called Ip address.Now if a pc is connect to the network  and the internet ,the the pc is assigned with an internal ip address which marks its location on the Network and the external ip address which is your address on the internet.Below are some of the methods for finding the ip address

1 hd imageFinding your Ip address in windows by using Command Prompt.

Firstly open up the Run .Go to start and click on the run.If you are using Windows 10 go to search and type Run .Run will open.

how to find my ip address

Type Cmd and hit the Enetr key or click on the Ok.

The Command Prompt open up.

find ip address

When Command Prompt opened ,Type ipconfig and hit the Enter key.

finding ip address

You active conection may be labelled as Ethernet adapter ,Wlan, Local Area Network.Find your Active network and look for IPV4 Address.

Your Ip address is a set of four sets of Digits.

For Example

The Ipconfig printout is long so you have to scroll a bit .

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2 hd imageFind your Public Ip Using a Search Engine.

If you dont understand about  How to find my ip address using Command Prompt .

You can see your public Ip address by using your search engine.The two search engine allow you to check your Ip Address are Bing And Google.

So Open up Google and search Ip Address.

finding ip address by google

Now you can see your public Ip address.

what is my public ip address

3 hd imageIp Websites

You can also check you ip address through many website .Below are some of the websites to find your ip address.

You can check your ip address by just going on those website.

What is my ip

What is my Ip address

What is my Router ip


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